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Words of Wisdom from Former Congressman Artur Davis

Details of his talk at Vanderbilt University, here.

Incivility and Dishonesty From the Left – 18th Edition

Obama’s disregard of the truth on Republican energy proposals.

Democrats once again falsely claim Republican plan would “end Medicare.”

David Axelrod’s falsehood about the Ohio vote.

Al Sharpton disregards the truth about union organizing in Alabama.

Bill Maher goes after Rick Santorum’s family . . . again.

Daily Kos contributor smears Rush Limbaugh.



Incivility and Dishonesty from the Right – 18th Edition*

Mitt Romney disregards the truth about the President’s SOTU address.

Conservative group tells falsehoods about President Obama’s connections to Wall Street.

Rick Santorum disregards the truth about government benefits in the 1920’s . . .

And does the same about The Affordable Care Act.

The NRA smears Justice Ginsburg.

A viral lie about The Affordable Care Act.

More Calls for Civil Discourse From . . .

(Many inspired by the Limbaugh-Fluke-Maher controversy):

The Christian Science Monitor.

Washington state.

Las Vegas, Nevada.

Meghan McCain.



Albany, New York.

San Diego, California.

The Wall Street Journal.

Chicago, Illinois.

Constructive Discourse Found at No Labels

No Labels’ “Citizen Leader Calls” offer some great examples of constructive, civil, honest discourse on many of the pressing issues of the day.

Robert Gates: “We have lost the ability to execute even the most basic functions of government, much less solve the most difficult and divisive problems facing our country.”

One of the reasons I believe incivility, dishonesty and superficiality in political discourse is more consequential today than in past eras is that, with the greater complexity of today’s world and its challenges, our inability to engage with one another in constructive ways is more costly.  In this article, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates also laments the state of our politics in the face of complex challenges.

Fact-Check on Gas Prices

A balanced view, from The Christian Science Monitor.

Discourse Highlights – 17th Edition

A roundup of recent examples of civil, honest, genuine discourse on the issues of the day:

A constructive discussion on immigration, from Living Room Conversations.

The Bipartisan Policy Center hosts a discussion on the presidential primary system.

Several commentaries on hate crimes legislation, at Room for Debate. 

The latest from the Bob Beckel – Cal Thomas collaboration at USA Today.

Iran’s nuclear program, on The Diane Rehm Show.

The Common Ground Committee covers tax policy.

The New American Tavern

Improved public discourse through food, drink and fun.

Here’s one pundit that hopes this idea takes off.

You can also check out their Facebook page.

Kudos to David Gregory

He had a panel on Meet the Press last Sunday that addressed the issue of our increasing lack of civility in politics.  A great discussion ensued among panelists E.J. Dionne, Peggy Noonan, Al Sharpton and Rep. Marsha Blackburn.

Go to 37:10 on this video.


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